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49-year-old Vanik Grigoryan, who served in the RA Armed Forces for many years, died for the defense of the homeland ․

«My father was very hot-tempered and impatient, he was in a hurry all his life, especially in recent days he wanted to finish all the work,» the daughter of the deceased hero, Mane Grigoryan, told

Patriot Vanik Grigoryan was a very caring father նվիրված devoted to his family ․ «When we left for the front line, we told him to be careful, he answered, he has nothing to think about, he has children, grandchildren, he answered as if he had nothing else to do!» «He said he had to go and destroy one or two enemies and return,» Vanik’s daughter says proudly.

Vanik left for the defense of the homeland with a very proud և high spirit ․ «My father was waiting impatiently for me to go up to the positions, he was telling my mother to put my things early so that I could go, they are waiting for me. «My father’s fighting spirit was very high,» Mane recalls.

On October 10, Vanik spoke to the woman for the last time in a very high mood, hours later the car in which he was in was blown up.

The hero’s daughter provided us with her և father’s last correspondence, և the video that was made before the explosion.


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