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Burns types and methods of treatment
Burns are considered one of the injuries
more dangerous skin conditions, as they do not affect
only to the skin but to the whole body. The burns,
in particular, they negatively affect the work of
kidneys, heart, disorders of the
metabolism and electrolyte balance.
The future condition of people affected by
burns The proper functioning of the body,
consequently life depends on the first
timely aids provided correctly.

High temperature burns
(thermal) usually occur during a fire,
and at home in contact with
incandescent objects or boiling liquids
(oil, water, etc.). Chemical burns
can be caused by skin contact
with alkalis, acids or heavy metal salts.
Types of burns:
Burns differ in depth.

In case of superficial first degree burn,
the skin becomes red and swollen. There is pain in the
injured area.

Moderate grade 2 burns are characterized
by the appearance of filled blisters
of transparent liquid.
The skin around the pimples is swollen,
reddened, the pain is quite strong. Because
violation of the integrity of blisters,
there is a high probability of developing
a purulent infection.

Deep third and fourth degree burns
they also damage the underlying tissues of the skin and
they can even cause bone burns.
In this case, the pain can be very weak
or even absent,
since the burn is so deep that the nerve endings are damaged.

First aid for burns

In case of any type of burns, it is necessary
eliminate the damaging factor when giving firsts
aid. Freeze the burned area with water
for 10-20 minutes
Perform the same operation at intervals
(prolonged and continuous freezing can cause
vascular spasms obstruct blood circulation).
Freezing the skin reduces the depth of damage
tissue reduces pain, but it is important to remember
than using ice on the surface of the burn
is contraindicated.

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