The Armenian Ministry of Defense has released the servicemen captured by the Azerbaijani armed forces early on May 27.

Քոչարյանի զոհերը

Servicemen A.N. Abgaryan, I.A. Sargsyan,

V.V. Sargsyan, B.S. Ohanyan, A.G. Budoyan and V.O.

Rafayelyan of the Armenian Armed Forces were captured while carrying out engineering works on the territory of Armenia at the protection area of a military unit in Gegharkunik province.

The Armenian Defense Ministry refuted the reports of thr Azerbaijani side claiming that the soldiers had crossed into their territory.

Сообщение Armenia MoD releases names soldiers taken captive by Azerbaijani forces появились сначала на ՄԵՐ ԻՆՖՈ.

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