“Our nation has suffered a long time, now it is very important not to be mistaken that his hopes are justified. But if Nikol Pashinyan is in the head of all this, everything will go well. Ð ° Ñ € Ñ € Ñ € инки Ð¿Ð¾Ñ Ð¾Ñ <Ð¾Ñ < Breakthrough Breakthrough “Breakthrough” Breakthrough The “umbrella” of the ribbon He is a jerky guy, he says, if he is mistaken, let him out. He does not think that he has come to power forever, “Honored Artist of Armenia Harutyun Movsisyan said in an interview with Zhoghovurd daily. He recalls the famous popular saying: “The voice is multiplied, the voice of God.” According to the actor, the people can not be as bad as actors or as a bad political figure. In response to the question how the Republicans’ chances of the upcoming parliamentary elections were evaluated, Mr. Movsisyan replied: “The chances of the Republicans are minimal, there is no good impression among them, and Pashinyan is not only Armenians but also the entire Armenian nation.” Our interlocutor is convinced that it is necessary to form an opposition in the political field. He compares opposition figures with theatricalists. “When the actor does not play well, the theatrical critic criticizes him, the same should be in the political field,” he noted. The actor dreams that there are not many parties in Armenia, only two of them. “Otherwise, each party does not care about the people’s interests, it’s about their party members,” commented Mr. Movsisyan.

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