Strong opposition forces unite, which will soon challenge the new authorities of Armenia. The second president of Armenia, Robert Kocharian, stated in a written interview to Reuters, expressing hope that he would be among them.   According to him, now there are new political figures and opposition parties in Armenia.       “This process will undoubtedly lead to the creation of a powerful political force that can challenge the government very quickly,” he said.       To the question whether he personally will be involved in that opposition, the ex-president responded positively: “Yes of course”. However, he did not specify in what form his participation would be.    Speaking about mass protests that last year led to a change of government in Armenia, he noted that their reason was “the public’s dissatisfaction with the desire for change”. “I would not call it a revolution because radical changes have not been made in the country, except for public aggression, leadership, populism and devilism,” Kocharyan said. He also defended the decisions he made during the 2008 events. “The order was restored only after the state of emergency. Doing so would mean the President’s official inactivity, “he said.

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