The new member of the Women’s Club is Miss Armenia 2018 Arena Zeynalyan. Our information was confirmed by the director of the Vitamin production Vladimir Sahakyan. To the question whether Arena was involved in the project, or whether this is a pilot phase, Vladimir replied: “We think Arena has been included in the main squad, but everything is time-consuming. In any case, our intention is to win the Miss Missile 2018 contest, organized by Miss Gohar Harutyunyan, representing Armenia at Miss World 2018. Vladimir noted that they chose Arena, taking into account several factors, but the first was to show him a new round. “The most important factor is that we always try to get news, to present to the audience a person who has not seen humor in the field,” he said and added that the first TV show with Arena has already been filmed, it will be shown on June 22 to:

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