The revolutionary power figure arrives and tells us what he has done and what he has done, saying there is much to talk to us about.
To be honest, I was very excited with a revolution, and finally got rid of the former corrupt, but now has been the time of arrogance ….
Pashinyan, what else did you do when you were a man? Maybe you have to take a small loan interest rate loan for SMEs or take a step to lower gas, electricity, or water tariffs or solve the issue of housing security for young families that you make medical services accessible to the middle class.
No, you have not done this, you’re just a man, and the life of the poor will not improve.
PS I am writing this with great sorrow and I expect you to do nothing but play a stroke.
PS 2 With the help of the people you come out with the help of the power, the infamous and the infirmary. “

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