For many, the summer vacation is the most anticipated vacation you can enjoy on the beach. Like many others, Lili Morton has already planned his summer vacation and as he mentioned in a conversation with BlogNews.am, he is going to go with his beloved rest. “We have decided to go to several countries, but first we will start from the UAE. I like to go on vacation several times during the year, once in the sea, and once again, to a country where historical and sightseeing is possible, “says Lily.
This is not the first time Lillie leaves for a vacation with a loved one. “Our preferences fit each other. Before leaving this place alone or with my sister, but the free, the most accurate and enjoyable vacation is with your beloved. “Lily pointed out that she was taking a lot of clothes while traveling, deciding what to wear. “I even share some days with what I’m going to wear, but I actually wear half of my clothes, and the rest is as unnecessary. I even take things with me that they do not need me anymore. “
Models acknowledges that in another country, attention to personality is not lacking. “It’s just a little civilized outside, for example, you can approach and wish to get acquainted, and if you refuse, they do not insist on anymore. Even people’s gaze are different outside, they look smiling and positive, and here’s a bit different, “says and adds that the beloved person is still irritating his attention.
One of the most enjoyable moments of relaxation is shopping. “I do not like shopping in Armenia, I always strive to buy what I need as I go abroad. Do not go shopping in Armenia. Shopping is far more enjoyable than outside. “

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