The relatives of General Manvel Grigoryan, who is in inpatient treatment at “Nairi” MC, have no opportunity to visit him. Grigoryan’s lawyer Arsen Mkrtchyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am. He noted that the ban on limiting visits to Grigoryan was not abolished, and he did not submit a new motion to the body conducting the proceedings in the civilian hospital because, according to him, it could be damaged in the case and Grigoryan was transferred to the penitentiary. Mkrtchyan said his suicide rate improved as compared with previous day, sugar levels in blood decreased from 29 to 25.
According to the Defender, Grigoryan will remain in the civilian hospital until his condition stabilizes. Let us note that Manvel Grigoryan’s lawyers have filed a new petition to the First Instance Court to change his pledge. The case was again put on the judge of Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction, Marine Melkonyan. Earlier, Armenian News-NEWS.am informed that Yerevan-Kentron penitentiary was held on February 7 at a medical examination. As a result, a decision was made today, Manvel Grigoryan was taken to Nairi Medical Center for research.
Let’s remind that in 2019, On January 22, Judge Arsen Nikoghosyan of the RA Criminal Court of Appeals upheld the appeal of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office and made a decision to re-arrest Manvel Grigoryan.

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