Armenian drivers in the Russian Federation have a new problem. Today, on May 25, our compatriot, Hayk, who contacted Analitik.am, said that the Russian authorities called the exception of drivers who have 2 or more violations. It is not important whether the penalty for these violations was paid or not. The fact of the violation is sufficient for the deportation.

The above does not refer only to those who have a red passport, and all those who are citizens of the Republic of Armenia and just have the right to work and live in Russia are under attack.

Hayk mentioned that he has a family, has children, owns a small business, but he is also in a dangerous area. He asks the issue on the level of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Ministry and the NA Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration.

By the way, this policy does not apply to other YPC member countries. The decision is made by the instruction, motivated by the fact that in the relations of the two countries the relations between the two countries are not so smooth and that the Russian language was not recognized as a second language in Armenia.

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