Gagik Tsarukyan’s unexpected surprise, the newlyweds of Henrikh and Beth … Prosperous Armenia Party leader Tsarukyan’s Gagik also did not go back and gave his big gift to Mkhitaryan and his wife …. Gagik Tsarukyan has always been a big fan of sport and with special attention …
And when you say sport in Armenia, Mkhitaryan comes first in your mind … Besides, according to some information Tsarukyan also has close relations with the Vardanyans family …
Before going to the gift, let us recall that in the autumn of last year information was circulated in the press about the marriage of the couple, and talked about their relationship from the summer of 2018 … The wedding of Henrikh and Betti was one of the most anticipated events of the year … It is already known, that beauty Bethin is the granddaughter of businessman and philanthropist Hrant Vardanyan … The wedding was held on St. Lazarus island in Venice. The guests who left Armenia left for Venice on June 16, the day before the wedding.
The wedding ceremony was full of interesting episodes. Many famous singers, including Al Bano, were invited. By the way, the world-famous Italian singer was also interrupted by Henrikh and beauty Bethie … Naturally, it is not necessary to speak about the luxury and diversity of gifts, but there were also gifts that surprised even Henrikh and Betty …
One of such surprises was the gift of Prosperous Armenia leader Gagik Tsarukyan. Some rumors circulating on the Internet, Tsarukyan bought a luxury apartment for a newlywed couple in Venice. Lilit Madunts wrote on her Facebook page

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