Finally, one of the most anticipated events took place.

Armenian national football team captain Henrikh Mkhitaryan gets married

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Mkhitaryan’s favorite is Beth Vardanyan, already known to all of us.

And Beth is the grandson of Hrant Vardanyan, the late boy. Benefactor and businessman Michael Vardanyan’s daughter.

The wedding of the year was held in San Lazzaro, Venice. The wedding ceremony was very hot and interesting, full of surprises.

Henrikh and Betti, who also sang along with Al Bano, sang one of the most famous songs of the Italian great artist, thanks to their gratitude.

The wedding was attended by Armenian and foreign guests and relatives.

The Vardanyans’ family has always been famous for its diverse and numerous charitable actions.

Naturally, his daughter’s wedding could not be ignored by Michael Vardanyan …

According to Info24.am, Vardanyans’ family had prepared a great surprise for thousands of employees of Grand Holding.

Vardanyans have all the employees under their control donated to Ararat brandy brandy

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