A festooning restaurant or Dine Sky (Dinner in the Sky) is like a metal pavilion lifting up the hoist crane. It has a length of 8m and a width of 3 meters, consists of two sections, a basement, which is attached to tables and chairs and from the roof. The floors are made of special reinforcing steel and represent a chain of twisted and welded joints. All elements of this structure, from bulk to welded German, have passed quality assurance and have appropriate certificates.

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The restaurant, which is traveling to Armenia, has passed a 10 ton certification for all the units. It means that they can carry up to 10 tons of weight. The restaurant is made by ACE in Dubai.

In a festooning restaurant, there will be 22 chairs placed around a commonly-arranged table. Chairs are made of carbon-fibre. The chairs are very similar in style and comfort to the sports car benches. Each bench is attached to the main junction with a separate rope and has three safety belts. Chefs and waiters go up to heaven with 22 visitors. There is a free space between the tables where the waiters and chefs work.

A mobile cranes with a capacity of 150 tons have been brought to Armenia to raise th

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