Sovorum ei avartakan dasaranum: Voghj orn ants’kats’num ei sots’ialakan ts’ants’erum, vortegh shp’vum ei tarber aghjikneri het yev virtual sek’sov zbaghvum: Da ch’er vripum tsnoghneris ushadrut’yunits’: Nrank’ anhangstanum ein, indz ditoghut’yunner anum: Sakayn da ch’er ognum: Ashunn ants’av, motenum er dzmerry: Mi or mayrs asats’.-Mer harevan Veran voch’ mi hnaravorut’yun ch’uni, jerruts’um ch’uni, ch’i ashkhatum: Lav klini, vor na dzmerry mer tann ants’kats’ni:-Bayts’ na vorte՞gh petk’ e k’ni, -harts’rets’i yes:-K’vo senyakum kteghavorvi, -pataskhanets’ mayrs:-Yes hamadzayn ch’em, -asats’i yes, -mtatselov, vor na indz kkhangari gishernery virtual sek’sov kam dzerrnasharzhut’yamb zbaghvelu:-Isk k’ez harts’nogh ch’ka, -vra berets’ hayrs:Hajord ory Veran teghap’vokhvets’ mer bnakarann u teghavorvets’ im koghk’in teghadrvats mahchakalin: Veran 30 tarekan kin er, morits’s 6 tari p’vok’r, amusnuts’ el bazhanvats er: Geghets’ik er, hacheli artak’inov: Nra mutk’n im senyak, sahmanap’akets’ im azatut’yuny: Yes aylevs ch’ei karoghanum sots’ialakan ts’ants’erov virtual shp’umner unenal: Sakayn, yerb Veran merkanum yev gisheranots’n er hagnum, yes hetevum ei nran: Chisht e, dzevats’num ei, t’e k’nats yem, sakayn ushi-ushov hetevum ei nran: Indz shat ein grgrrum nra merk stink’nery, hatkapes ptuknery, klor hetuyk’y: Amen or, nran tesnelov, vermaki tak dzerrnasharzhut’yamb ei zbaghvum: Aydpes mi k’ani or: Mi or el Veran indz «brrnats’rets’» dzerrnasharzhut’yan zhamanak: Vermaks k’ashelov nkatets’ im grgrrvats arrnandamy: -Yerbek’ ch’ei patkerats’num, vor du arden tghamard yes dardzel, -asats’ yev hangist parrkets’ indz vra:Yes anakynkali yekats, shp’vot’vets’i, amach’um ei, yerb na shoyelov andams, ayn motets’rets’ ir t’ak’nvats teghin, apsprelov, t’e inch’pes yev inch’ anem: Hetevelov nra hrahangnerin, yes ch’patkerats’rets’i, t’e inch’ katarvets’: Ners hreluts’ anmijapes heto, heshtank’i zgats’voghut’yun unets’a: Ayd gisher da krknvets’ mi k’ani angam, yev arden aveli yerkar tevoghut’yunnerov: Arravotyan tsnoghners urakh demk’erov, ushadir indz ein nayum: Zgum ei, vor nrank’ arden gitevn indz het kataravatsi masin: Hetagayum parzvets’, vor tsnoghners ein kazmakerpel, vor verj dnem virtual shp’umnerin yev irakan serrakan kyank’ov aprem: Hasakakits’neris mot indz tghamardavari ei pahum: Nrank’ arden gitevn, vor serrakan haraberut’yunner yem unenum knoj het: Bayts’ ch’gitevn, t’e na ov e: P’astoren, tsnoghneris bari kamok’, minch’ev banak meknels, aprum ei serrakan kyank’ov: Tsarrayut’yan zhamanak, hogatar tsnoghners Verayi het miasin, ayts’elum ein indz: Hramanatars el voroshaki zhamanakov tsarrayut’yunits’ ardzakum er: Minch’ tsnoghners zbosnum ein, ayd ynt’ats’k’um Verayi het arrandznananum yev krkin haraberut’yunner unenum: Banakits’ heto, chisht e, yes hamalsaranum nor ynkeruhi gta yev siraharvets’i, sakayn serrakan pahanjmunk’ners bavararum ei Verayi het, minch’ev im amusnanaly: Verann el amusnats’av yev teghap’vokhvets’ arterkir: Aylevs nran ch’tesa:Развернуть2700/5000I studied in a graduating class. I spent the whole day in social networks, where I interacted with different girls and engaged in virtual sex. It did not ignore my parents’ attention. They were worried about me. But that did not help. Autumn passed, winter approached. One day my mother said, “Our neighbor Vera has no chance of heating, does not work. It would be nice if he would spend winter in our house. “” But where does he have to sleep, “I asked.” Will you sit in your room, “my mother replied.” I do not agree, “I said,” thinking that she would hurt me at night. doing sex with sex or masturbating. “” And there is no one asking for you, “she said,” and my father took me home. “The next day, Vera moved to our apartment and settled down next to my bed. Ura was a 30-year-old woman, six years older than her mother and divorced from her husband. It was beautiful, with a nice look. His entrance to my room, restricted my freedom. I could no longer have virtual contacts with social networks. However, when Vera was dressed up and sleeping, I followed her. True, I pretended to be asleep, but I was watching him closely. I was very nervous about her naked breasts, especially herpes, rounded buttocks. Every day, seeing him, I was busy under the blanket. Just a few days. One day, Vera was “raped” during my masturbation. Drawing my shirt I noticed my irritable penis.
“I never imagined that you were a man,” he said quietly, “I was ashamed, confused, ashamed of when I was drawing my member closer to his hiding place, improvising how and what to do. Following his instructions, I did not realize what happened. Immediately after pushing in, I felt an orgasm. That night it was repeated several times, and it lasted longer.
In the morning, my parents looked at me with happy faces. I felt that they already knew what I had accomplished with me. Later it turned out that my parents had organized me to put an end to virtual contacts and live a real life. In my peers, I was keeping a bum. They already knew I was having sex with a woman. But they did not know who he was. In fact, my parents’ goodwill, before leaving for the army, I was living in a sexual life. During my ministry, my caring parents, along with Vera, visited me. My commander was discharged from service for some time. As my parents walked, during that time, Vera was separated and re-established. After the army, I found a new girlfriend at the university and fell in love, but my sexual needs were satisfied with Vera until I got married. Vera got married and moved abroad. I did not see him anymore.

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