Henrikh Mkhitaryan, daughter of Armenian national football team and Arsenal midfielder Michael Vardanyan, Betty Vardanyan’s wedding took place on June 17 in Venice, Italy … According to our information, on June 16, the guests of Armenia left for charter flights to Venice. The leader of our team came to one of the most important events of his life after the two national team qualifiers. Fortunately, the results of that match had a positive outcome for us … The photos of Mkhitaryan and his wife are published on the Internet for a couple of hours … And the discussion on “marriage of the year” does not cease since yesterday … It is noteworthy, however, who is the godfather of the marriage of … According to some information, the godfather of the wedding is a well-known person who is a close person for both sides, even though … hopefully the public will soon know who this person is, since being a godfather of Henrikh Khrikh is a great honor especially for every Armenian …

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