As it is known, on May 19, the woman was taken from the office of a traffic police officer by Gayane Manukyan, a journalist from Hzham.am website.
Earlier, Sputnik Armenia had informed that the journalist had been detained from the office of a traffic police officer … According to a statement issued by the RA Police, on June 18 he went to the office of the high-ranking police officer and informed that he had discrediting information about the official and threatened him ,
that the information will be published in four media outlets. 800,000 drams have not been requested for this step …

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Let us add that on June 19, at about 16.30, the journalist again visited the office of the traffic police officer in order to take the required sum …
The woman had already claimed and took 400,000 drams instead of the 800,000 drams she had requested in advance … The officers of the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime entered the office immediately after receiving the money … The woman was found and confiscated with extorted 400,000 The money …
The mentioned person was arrested on suspicion of extortion at the Police Department of the Criminal Police ..

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