My distant relative was asking me to go to the summer heat for at least a month. With my child I went to the village. My wife’s wife welcomed us very much. Even the room where my wife slept, handed me and my baby, and they moved to the barn room, which was far from my room. They even prepared for my visit. In the evening, when they were pasturing their cattle, the cows drank and began to dine. Several men from the village, together with their wives, joined an organized party. They began drinking my toast and drinking two cups of wine. My head began to spin. I was tired and wanted to relax, although men were still drinking and having fun. I also joined the other women and the wife of the landlord, who had to wake up early in the morning to feed cows and send them to he

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rds. I wished good night and went with my wife’s wife to bed. At midnight I felt that someone was trying to have sex with me. There was nothing in the dark. I was drowsy, and under the influence of alcohol he seemed to be my husband. When he started the action, I hardly remembered that I was not in our home and my husband. In fact, under the influence of vodka, my relative also got confused and forgot that he had to go to the next-door room with his wife. Although I pretended to be asleep, I felt that I could no longer resist him whom I really did not like. He took me all his strength. “What do you do?” I asked. “What do I do every day?” Said my cousin, “and he did not, and he continued to intensify his contacts. Off, attacked. When I took advantage of her isolation, I gave her liberty to my feelings and actions. When we finished and he did not understand, he realized what had happened. He repented and went to his wife.

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