According to SHAMSHYAN.com, a horrible and terrible incident took place in Lori region. At around 20:00 pm, the Spitak Police Department received a call that there was a baby in one of the houses in the village of Hartagyugh. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the mentioned address has arrived at the Lori regional police department headed by Chief of the Department Gevorg Hakobyan, Deputy Director of the Department Valery Baghyan. The operative group of the Police Spitak Division, headed by the head of the department Sergo Avetisyan has also arrived. Anna Mantashyan, Head of the Lori Marz Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, and the Spitak Investigation Division head, headed by Matsak Panosyan, also arrived at the alarm. Police and investigators found the body of 7-year-old K. Karapetyan, while his mother, 30-year-old Anna Karapetyan, was sitting next to her, who had a big picture of her dead mother. It turned out that her mother had strangled her seven-year-old daughter in bed. According to the photojournalist, A. Karapetyan’s ex-husband is dead and she has been married for the second time, her second husband has two children and they have been living in Yerevan. Today Karapetyan and his 7-year-old daughter came to Hartagyugh, and after a while they were found to be infected. A criminal case has been initiated in Spitak Investigation Department of Lori Regional Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Armenia. At present, the head of the Spitak Investigative Department, M. An investigation is underway at Panosyan’s headquarters. © shamshyan.com

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