The fact that the judiciary system in Armenia has to undergo radical reforms is not new, but for me it has been unequivocal that we can not have a truly independent judicial system in Armenia without raising the salary of judges 5-6 times. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this at the National Assembly.

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“Last year, a phenomenon was observed in Armenia for the first time when few applications were received for vacant competitions announced for judges. The reason is that they do not need to take bribes because they will most likely be arrested and taken out of business because most likely, the anti-corruption mechanisms will reveal this and they will need to receive 400-600 thousand AMD salary and in some cases will be sentenced to life imprisonment. In those conditions, who would like to be a judge? “Asked the Prime Minister.

Pashinyan said that “when we say judges’ salaries, they begin to remember the well-known corrupt judges, say how you raise their salaries. No, they are not talking about them. It’s about them, let’s suppose some disciplinary action, their place in corruption cases has been released, who will come to them instead. We need to occupy a vacant position with high professional, principled, backbone, trustworthy, right-wing people. This type of specialist earns 2.5-3 million drams a month in the private sector. How can we invite these people to come to judge? “

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