“Zhoghovurd” daily continues publishing a series of articles entitled “Do Not Believe, But …”. Within the framework of the series, we talk about only a few but notable episodes from the life of show business people. Famous people will remember moments that have given them smile, amazement, fear and other feelings. This time our interlocutor is Anna Khachatryan. He remembers a smile on a stage with him about 15 years ago. Naturally, the singer, having come up with different concerts, has never had attention, gifts, or flowers, but she could have been honored in a very special way in one of the border towns, she would not have imagined.

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“I recall that after a concert, a man aged 35 or 40 walked up to the stage and instead of the flowers he gave me buffalo yogurt and cheese. Singers have turned this into a theme for all humorous people. “Anna, get ready for potatoes in the sack during the next concert,” said our interlocutor, laughing. By the way, he informed that he had taken extraordinary presents with his house. and buffalo yogurt, and the cheese was delicious.

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