I would be surprised if the court made another decision. The son of RA second president Robert Kocharyan, Levon Kocharyan, who visited Kocharyan’s supporters at Yerevan-Kentron penitentiary, told reporters today at the National Security Service on June 25 that he would see and support his father before entering the penitentiary.

“The court did not allow the defender to present his position, until we saw the processes starting from the inscription on how it happened. That is, it was clear what will happen, “he said.

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According to him, the decision of Judge Armen Danielyan, the Appellate Criminal Court, was unprecedented.

“It is important that the judge’s internal independence be judged by the extent to which he can make a decision, realizing that it may not please the authorities. It was important for the judge to have the masculinity to go through the law, in this case it was a matter of manhood, “he said.

Touching upon the fact that Judge Armen Danielyan applied to the police to ensure his safety, Levon Kocharyan said he did not see any danger by his supporters.

“I’m more than sure that there is no danger. How do you imagine that someone wants to harm the judge? There was a danger when the first instance judge applied and released the warrant, after which there were calls to violence against a judge on the Internet, making the Internet address of the judge. I assure you that there is no danger, “he said.

It should be reminded that Judge Armen Danielyan, the judge of the RA Criminal Appeals Criminal Court, examining the complaints of RA second president Robert Kocharyan and others today, made a decision to satisfy two appeals of prosecutors, victims and their successors, to overturn the appeal of the first instance court judge David Grigoryan on May 18 and May 20 the decisions, as a precautionary measure against Kocharyan, have been lifted and the detention as a precautionary measure against him. At the same time, the court ruled that the decision of the Yerevan Court of First Instance on May 20 to suspend Robert Kocharyan’s case and apply to the Constitutional Court should be quashed and sent to the same court for a new trial..

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