It is a great miracle that the earthy man speaks to God in his holy prayer. Blessed is the man who ever repents in the face of God. What is more sweet than that is more desirable than the bliss, when the soul sees God praying to Him? Whenever he wishes, he will always see Him in his mouths, talk with Him day and night. Bleak treasure is the love of God, incredible joy. It is the soul that has this love, not for one day but for all life and for all days.
S. Ephraim of the Assyrian, our Father which art in heaven,

A loving and merciful God, help our family to be strengthened by faith and faithfulness.

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Help us learn from Your goodness, help and compassion to the other person.

Help us to tell your dignity and greatness in our family conscious humility.

Help us to live in our family with meekness, always praising You.

Help us to be patient with each member and family in our family.

And first of all, give us our love, so that we can live and be fruitful in love, giving glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit:

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