“• The Criminal Court of Appeals brutally violated the principle of competitive proceedings and made an exclusively political decision.

• The mentioned process has nothing to do with democracy, the rule of law and the independence of judicial power.

Քոչարյանի զոհերը

• The third detention of Robert Kocharian is a regular manifestation of the ongoing political revenge by which he attempts to distract the Armenian people from many problems accumulated in the country every day.

• Such developments hurt the internal political situation in the Republic of Armenia and the international rating.

At the same time, we emphasize that at least ridiculous efforts of the pro-governmental propaganda machine to explain the ongoing decline of Nikol Pashinyan’s rating due to the fact that Robert Kocharyan or other opposition activists were not detained.

• The process of splitting the society is continuously encouraged in the country, which is becoming more and more hazardous in the face of extremely troubling regional challenges.

• Such decisions prove that the statements on raising the level of judicial judicial reforms and the independence of the courts are fraudulent.

• The Republican Party will also raise the issue and developments in the relevant international platforms and formats. “

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