The court decided to satisfy the two appeals and again to detain Robert Kocharyan, the second president of Armenia accused of overthrowing the constitutional order.

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“The Court of Appeal decided to satisfy the appeals of prosecutor Petrosyan, the aggrieved party and his representative Safaryan. The May 18 decision of the Yerevan City Court of First Instance on overhauling, changing or maintaining the detention as a precautionary measure during the pre-trial proceedings was reversed. To eliminate personal guarantees selected as a precautionary measure against accused Robert Sedrak Kocharyan. To impose arrest on Robert Kocharyan, accused of Robert Sedrakyan, “- announced the judge Armen Danielyan, who presided over the session.

The court counted the beginning of Kocharyan’s detention as soon as he was actually taken into custody, ordered the Police to execute the decision, and instructed the person to pay the money, as a personal guarantee, to pay the money.

The decision is subject to appeal within a 15-day period after receiving it.

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