You, Lord God, have given us this day to be full of peace and goodness.
God Almighty, who is approaching this night, rescue you from sin, rescue you from the evil, and guide you to good deeds Make the morning blessings and praise those who believe in Your holy name keeping peace.
Lord God, give Your peace to the whole world, Eat the wrath and plague from Your creatures.
Humble our fathers and brothers, the living and the dead.
Blacksmith builders, philanthropists, benefactors, ministers, and those who are sleeping under the auspices of the sacred church.
 Lord God, help and keep peace with Christian kings, pious leaders, as well as their troops and children.
Lord God, keep our leaders and monk unions entirely and tirelessly in your mercy.
Pursue a distinguished and invisible enemy, our borders and our place of residence.
Save us from eternal fire, because Yours is the glory forever.

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