On July 5, the key event of the Armenian Constitution and State Symbols is a festive march that traditionally will be headed by various orchestras, accompanying motorcycles, military drills, “Yerevan Drums” drum group, flagship carriers, helicopter from which the tricolor will be fastened.

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The festive march will begin on July 5, at 6:30 pm, at Liberty Square. The junior and youth (5,000-7,000 participants) from both RA regions, Yerevan administrative districts and Javakhk, Artsakh, and Diaspora will take part in the march.
The march from Freedom Square will be held on Mashtots Avenue, Amiryan Street, Republic Square, where a flashmob will be performed, a text will be shown to people and then the march will move to Shahumyan Square.

In order to organize a festive decoration of the state emblems of the Republic of Armenia, the “We” foundation has initiated donations for the purchase of tricolor flags and flags for children and youth at the festive march. (Donate online, from 2,500 to 125,000 AMD For reference, you can proceed to the following link:

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