Every morning I wake up.)

When I drink a cup of coffee, I think about the day’s programs, and now I think that after a very good vacation we come back to normal routine.

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The woman is stylish when she is in harmony and happiness. If you’re not happy inside, the style is deceptive.

The woman becomes unpleasant when she is unpleasant for her.

The Dacilo is the ultimate destruction; people lose their personality and they all look alike.

I’m not active on social networks because I want to live my personal life, not to paint someone else. I think people who publish everything on social networks are losing reality. And when I have something to say to the public, I am concerned about any public issue.

I hate it when I’m trying to quit, it hurts a person. I do not miss it, but I’ve found the option of avoiding hateful things.

I have a good mood when my relatives are happy. In general, I am very emotional and everything is affecting me.

My mood may be ruined when my mate has a bad mood.

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