Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan met with the Secretary of the Security Council of Kazakhstan, Kalmukhanbet Kasimov, in the framework of the meeting of the Committee of the Secretaries of the CSTO Security Council Secretariat in Bishkek.

According to the AAA’s Facebook page, Kasimov stressed the importance of the development of bilateral relations, especially in the security sphere, considering the frequency of meetings with top-level meetings.

Armen Grigoryan proposed to consider the possibility of forming a bilateral cooperation plan between the OSCE Ministerial Councils in 2020-2021, proposing ideas on possible directions of cooperation.

The secretary of the RA Security Council also attached special importance to the intensification of cooperation in the spheres of military industry and the peaceful use of the universe.

At the end of the meeting secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan invited Kasimov to Armenia, the proposal was accepted and an agreement was reached on the terms of the visit and the details agreed with the diplomatic channels.

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