Today, on June 27, an emergency case took place in Ararat province. At about 13:20 an explosion in the village of Geghanist was still widespread in the Vulcanization Argon welding at the main street of the village. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, as a result of the explosion, two people were taken out of the workshop with the help of citizens and were taken to “Astghik” medical center. The group of rescue service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived at the scene. The operative group of the National Center for Crisis Management of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has also arrived at the head of senior trainer Artur Tchagharian. Those gathered in the explosion said: “We heard a strong explosion of fire and see, fire came out of the workshop. We immediately went out and brought two workers out of the wounds. We were extinguished the fire by our forces, and we called 10 times 1-03 ambulance, but we saw that 45 minutes were delayed and the citizens were taken to the injured. Until this moment, we are waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Then they are annoyed by the ambulance brigades and say they are not. A man wounded on the ground, waiting more than 40 minutes to see when he’s in an ambulance. ” The head of Ararat regional police department, police colonel Armen Gasparyan was informed about the incident, who arrived at the headquarters of the police department of Masis, headed by police chief Colonel Janik Marutyan. Investigators of the Masis section of the police department are currently working at the scene and according to the information, the scene should also be visited by experienced experts in order to find out what caused the explosion. The photojournalist also reports that the explosion caused damage to the kitchen and living room in the neighborhood, the furniture and some property. The police find out the identity of the injured. Notification. Suspected or accused of a alleged offense is considered innocent until his guilt is not proven in the manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia by a court verdict entered into force.

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