On June 21 and 22 in order to ensure the public order and public safety, officers of subdivisions of the marz administration and road police officers serving Gegharkunik provided enhanced service in Gegharkunik marz. Police press service reports.

During the two-day service, 416 cars were checked, drivers were suspected of their actions. 91 cases of violation of traffic rules have been detected. 17 cars were transported to special protected areas of Gavar, Sevan, Martuni, Vardenis, Chambarak, and traffic police, whose drivers had a real threat to the lives and health of other road users.

In order to prevent possible crimes, the above mentioned sections have been brought to 112 persons who were previously convicted for grave and especially grave crimes. An explanatory work with prophylactic nature was taken with them. One of the detainees found a cold weapon, which was confiscated. As in the whole republic, enhanced services are also continuing in Gegharkunik.

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