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Our Armenian boys love sex. That’s what I have to do with their various comments and emails under my stuff. But no one is perfect, including our beloved boys, in a matter like sex. Today I have decided to speak about the errors of Armenian boys in sex, based on personal experience and a little study.
The first mistake that almost everybody meets is selfishness, that is, getting the desired one, you no longer worry about the girl.
It’s no secret that men often get orgasms faster than women, but can you forget that you are not alone? After all, the girl also wants to reach the peak of pleasure. If you’re not able to do it again after a while, then try another alternative to your girlfriend. And do it with a tired face and the desire to live away from it, but not so much that she did not feel that there had been some change in sex stages. There is no need to speak about alternative means. You know them very well, only you can ask the girl beforehand what one of them she prefers.
The other issue that is crucial is that the guys are in a hurry at first, forget about their preconceptions, and then they behave very rude in sex. It’s not always that girls want a crazy and brutal sex. Keep in mind that for any girl, sex is primarily emotionally expressed, the desire for a new body instinct is enough. You should not try to attack such a girl and keep it as if you have not seen a girl in life, and this sex is your first and last time in your life.
The next is personal hygiene. Dear boys, it’s a must have a bath before sex, believe it. When a girl kisses your body and feels not a sweet scent but a sweaty skin taste, her great effort is needed to continue what has begun. Generally, you need to bathe no matter whether you have sex or not, and that should be done as often as possible, but not on Sunday and on holidays.
We came to the question of protection. I understand that without a condom it is more enjoyable, it allows you to feel one another, but you should not forget about the undesirable effects of sex, such as pregnancy and various infections. If even twice a year you are undergoing medical checkup and you are completely “clean”, it still does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, especially when you are dealing with sex with unknown girls. I had a girlfriend who had been cured of sexually transmitted diseases for two months before marriage, even though she had never seen that girl you would never think she was not even a virgin.
Artificiality is also a part of sex errors. You do not need to whisper sex during sex, “what kind of life are you, there is no one like you, no fear, sex, you’re the best” if it does not correspond to reality. We, my daughters, are very sensitive in such matters and feel a moment when we are deceived. Do not do that.
He’s coming up with a mistake. This is because during the initial stereotypes of sex, the boy stubbornly dropped the girl’s head. I understand that oral sex is a royal pleasure for you, but you do not have to get it done with such brutal means. If the girl does not want to do so, no matter how forcefully you put her head down, she will not do it if you do not.

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