Marmnovs dox ancav Ter Astvac, haytni e 25-amya knoj@ dajanabar spanelu sharjarit@. kaskacyal@ cucmunq e tvel ev asel…. — ingablog

According to Armenian, 28-year-old Arsen Nazaryan, who was suspected of killing 25-year-old Elen Simonyan in one of the houses in Yerevan’s Nork-Marash district on 25 June, has given testimony and said the motive of the murder.

The man told the investigators that he had been in love with the murdered man. On the day of the incident, he had a serious discussion with his wife, did not understand each other, killed him.


To note, the young girl has been hit by more than 10 knives in her back.

According to Armenian, the assailant is a resident of Nor Nork, a child with care.

According to our information, currently a criminal case is under way in Elen Simonyan and her husband. Her husband is in custody.

Simonyan was accused of committing fraud by a group of individuals and stealing a house.

Earlier we reported that on June 25, Mashtots Police Department received operative information that one of the houses in Nork-Marash 17th Street had been murdered. The police operative group found the body of Elen Simonyan, a 25-year-old resident of Yerevan, wrapped in sheets and polyethylene. There were more than a dozen wounded wounds on his body, and his face completely closed. Ite

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