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In the first instance court of Tavush region, in 2019, From May 7, 1977, a resident of Dilijan, The trial of Armen Tonik Tonoyan, born in Yerevan. He was charged with the fact that he was a driver of the maintenance service of Tavush gas supply system of “AJ-Ji Service” LTD. On September 30, 2009, while delivering its services to the 26th lane of Kamarini Street in Dilijan, it rendered its services incompatible with the requirements of consumers’ life or health requirements, with violation of the requirements of technical regulations and legal acts, did not detect the technical conditions the absence of a gas-fired spacecraft, as a result of which in 2018, On November 14, at around 01.30, Arthur Ghazaryan, a floating in the bathroom, died of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the exploitation of a gas heater and breathing through the respiratory tract. A. Tonoyan was charged under Article 279 (3) (3) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia (“Illegal registration of official documents certifying compliance with the requirements of consumer’s life or health safety, issuance or sale, performance of works or rendering services or compliance with the safety requirements of the goods, works or services surrender or use, if these acts negligently result in death of a person “). A. The signature on leaving the country was chosen as a precautionary measure against Tonoyan.

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