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Yesterday the court decided to satisfy the two appeals and again to detain the second president of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan accused of overthrowing the constitutional order. At the same time, the court decided that the case should be recalled from the Constitutional Court, where it was sent by the Judge of the General Jurisdiction Court. Thus, after a few weeks of liberty, the second president is again detained. In July 2018 Robert Kocharyan was charged with failing to overthrow the constitutional order on March 1, 2008 events. On July 28, the former president was first detained on March 1 case. Two weeks later, however, he was released. The basis for releasing Robert Kocharyan as the position of the former President’s immunity was the basis for his release. On November 15, after the release of Kocharyan, the Court of Cassation sent the case back to the Court of Appeal for a new investigation. And on December 7, 2018, the Appellate Court ruled to re-arrest the ex-president. Since that day, Kocharyan was in jail until May 18, 2019. On that day, considering the petition of Kocharyan’s attorneys to change the preventive measure, Judge Davit Grigoryan made a decision to release Kocharyan, taking into consideration the mediation of current and former Presidents Bako Sahakyan and Arkady Ghukasyan.


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