n June 6, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan ordered the law enforcement agencies not to wear a suit but to reinforce the resistance of the demonstrators to the iron, and those who were directly or indirectly linked to the former corrupt system. The law-enforcement system seemed to stand up after the speaker’s statement. One of the residents of the Zhoghovurd daily editorial office reported that for several days the police officers checked in strange places with people in civilian clothes to see the cars in the dark corners to understand whether there was a person in the car or not. One of the residents reported that the car had been parked in a dark corner of the city. Three people approached the police officer and informed that they were carrying out an enormous supervision, after which they asked a citizen whether they had strange things in the car and asked to submit a passport. The citizen presented the passport and the police officers, assuring that there was no problem, they went. The Zhoghovurd Daily tried to understand what the police were doing, in response, they reported that the police were carrying out their daily work within the scope of their authority. such inspections have one goal – to prevent, prejudice and detect crimes.

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