Artur Martirosyan, a student of the Kharkiv State University, has been admitted to hospital after the incident at the student dormitory in Ukraine, Harkov Times reports.
18-year-old Arthur, who is engaged in a wrestling, sambo and judo, was accompanied by an Azerbaijani student living in a dormitory who invited him to the picnic with the participation of other Azeris.
The boy’s father, Sergo, told that Arthur had felt bad during Picnic and went to his room. Soon, the students with her picnic came to her room to learn about her self-esteem. They started putting some bags and passports in the room. Arthur understood that he was trapped in a trap and assumed he was trying to put drugs on him. He pretended that he did not understand it. As soon as Arthur’s new acquaintances left, he locked the door and started throwing them out of the window. Apparently, when the young people returned, they broke the door and beat her. Arthur was able to approach the open window and call for help, and at that moment he was thrown out of it. After falling down, Arthur survived a miracle. He crawled up to the nearest parking lot, the keeper of the guard called the police. The student was taken to the hospital, with fractures of the cone-thigh bone and the conch. According to Sergo Martirosyan, the malefactors, knowing that their family is wealthy, attempted to extort money from his son, says that 18-year-old Arthur, who is engaged in wrestling, is a master of sports, sambo and judo, is the 6th Ukrainian champion , Two-time Ukrainian champion, three-time European champion. In April, she participated in the Junior European Championships in Cyprus. Preparing for the World Cup.

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